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Uduak Odudoh; Not playing politics with the Mandate of his people



By Aniebiet Antia

One man who is not playing politics with the mandate of the electorate is Hon. Uduak Odudoh, The member representing Ikot Abasi/Eastern Obolo State Constituency that is why In life, there is an unarguable fact that in every era there exist stories of men who hugged the pages of history in shaping society. That is why, there has never been a glorious achievement without an accompanying story worth telling a hundred times.

One of such men of intellectual profundity, administrative prowess, is Hon. Udodoh, Though Hon. Uduak Odudoh naturally is a soft-spoken person when observed from a distance, but indeed his is a loud voice When it comes to grassroots mobilization. He is an unstoppable voice that rolls as deep and majestically as the rivers that define the southern borders of the Atlantic. And many love him for his humility, accessibility, friendliness and his constant willingness to help whoever is in need whether friend or foe.

This amicable Ikot Abasi/Eastern Obolo political gladiator is a man of many parts a multiple mix that mean different things to different people all of which end are a cacophony of eternal goodness, he is a rallying point and perfect example of discipline and exemplary living. A quintessential parliamentarian who strives for perfection in the discharge of his duties and his colleagues and business moguls will always attest to the fact.

He is a leader with exceptional strength, ability and vision. The depth of his understanding of policies, administration and their backgrounds proves vital in his effort towards the business of lawmaking, over sighting and representation

This Hon. Uduak Odudoh is a great motivator and a steel frame for the advancement of people-oriented causes. A constant contributor in debates who possesses the uncommon ability to pursue popular causes even if they vary with his own personal interest. He is not only an astute technocrat and a team player; he has integrity that can be described as uncommon in this part of the world. He is the irrepressible champion of the people; a bridge builder who has gone through the fiery furnace of the local government politics unscathed but with dignity and honour and a success always in knitting together people of diverse religious, ethnic and cultural background under one roof.
For him, obstacles are merely hurdles that must be overcome in life’s journey and that life would have no meaning if there were no challenges.

Just few weeks ago, he made an account to his people on his representation so far in the State House of Assembly where he empowered hundreds of his Constituents.

Below is a brief summary of his representation, projects he has attracted to the Area, legislative engagements, recommendations etc.

N/B :
Lead Bills, co-sponsored bills , Motions and Matters of public urgent importance are captured in the programme that was distributed at the venue of the event.


Lead sponsor: A Bill for a law to amend the Akwa Ibom State College of Arts and science law and for other matters connected therewith.

Co-sponsored 13 (thirteen) other bills.

Moved two motions and two matters of urgent public importance.

Served as Chairman, public Accounts committee, and presently chairman committee on labour and productivity.
Member of 8 (eight) other committees.


Facilitated the construction of 4 ( four) classroom blocks at Government Primary school, Iman.
Facilitated the renovation of a classroom block at Government Primary school, Ndak Ekom ( ongoing).
Facilitated the renovation of the classroom block at Atabrikang, Eastern Obolo Local Government Area.

Facilitated the renovation of a classroom block at Convent primary/ Secondary school, Essene, Ikot Abasi Local Government Area ( as constituency project).
Facilitated the construction of a fresh classroom block at St. George’s primary school, Ibekwe, Ikot Abasi Local Government Area.

Mini water project at Owok Esseda, Essene, Ikot Abasi Local Government Area.
Facilitated the electrification of Ndak Ekom village ( project ongoing)
Solar water project to be done in Ediduo, Edemaya, Ikot Abasi Local Government Area, in two weeks time.
Civic centre project.



(1)Nsikan Udo Akaba
(2)Kingdom Linus Akpan
(3)Emmanuel Ndano
(4)Ubong Frank Enoidem
(5)Barr. Adolphous Udofia
(6)Iniobong Bernard
(7)Bright Sabastine Udoudo
(8)Francis Anthony Akpasanga
(9)Sunny Rufus Ekanem
(10)Otobong Peters
(11) Emmanuel Pius Ikpo
(12)Sylvester Ufot
(13)Timothy Ezekiel
(14) Ekaete Useh
(15)Edu Iniobong Akpan
(16)Enobong Bassey Ekong
(17)Nsikan Udoinyang.


(1) Charles Etip – Federal Polytechnic Nekede
(2) Sam Dede – AKWAPOLY Ikot Osurua
(3) Akaninyene Joseph Amos – UNIUYO
(4)Author Author Ugana
(5)Emmanuel Author Ugana
(6) Akamobong Exodus Udoaka – Secondary school.


(1)Blessing Umosen – MURID POLY.
(2)Christian Augustine Udo – AKSU.
(3)Treasure Sunday Johnny – AKSU
(4) Sunny Vincent – Heritage Polytechnic


(1)Saviour Uko
(2)Martina Brandy
(3)Waribo Isotuk Waribo
(4)Peace Ntente


(1)Richard Metong
(2)Maclean Glory
(3)Blessing Sunday
(4)Emem Kubiat
(5)Archibong Efremfon
(6)Anietie Thomas
(7)Idongesit Udo.

The following people were trainees who were later retained as casual staff in Ibom Power Company, Hon. Uduak Odudoh intervened and saved them from being sacked, and made sure they were later converted to permanent staff of Ibom Power company ( last year) by the management. They are:

(1) Sylvester Ufot – Ikot Abasi
(2)Essien Umoh – Uyo
(3)Usen Friday – Mkpat Enin
(4) Itoro Unya – Ikot Abasi
(5) Victor John – Eket
(6)Iniobong Peters – Essien Udom
(7)Ekpenyong Samuel – Esit Eket
(8)Ekong Ubong – Ibesikpo Asutan
(9)Ekwere Uduak – Mkpat Enin
(10) Utomobong Kubre – Ikot Abasi
(11)Mfon Udom – Ikot Abasi
(12)Otobong Inyang Akpan – Ukanafun
(13)Camillus Okon – Ikot Abasi.

Rt. Hon. Uduak Odudoh has not stop there, in his usual way and like he always says “Empowering and briefing is an everyday affair”
The erudite legislator on the 28th of February 2018 at the Government field Ikot Abasi gave out the following items and cash to some of his supporters and constituents.

(1) 15 mini buses
(2) 2 Toyota Camry
(3) 20 motorcycles
(4)20 sewing machines
(5) 20 Hair Dressing Equipments
(6)10 deep freezers
(7) 10 Generators
(8) 10 Barbing Equipments with Generators
(9) 40 people on his skill acquisition programme
(10) 100 wrappers for women
(11) N5,050,000 Business support funds for 101 youths
(12) N2,500,000 Business support funds for 50 women
(13) Another N2, 000,000,00 Business support funds for women
(14)Another N2,000,000,00 Business support funds for youths
(15) N2,000,000,00 Bursary award for hundred students in tertiary institutions.

Rt. Hon. Uduak Odudoh worth returning to the State House of Assembly comes 2019.

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email


Horror in Ukana as Woman’s arms cut off at Akpabio’s house during illegal registration



Woman’s arms cut off at Akpabio’s house during illegal registration… abandoned to her fate
She was one of the women called to Senator Godswill Akapbio’s house in Ukana for what many present called an illegal registration exercise. She was promised a little over three thousand and like others who may not have known what they were being invited to do, she went innocently, the attraction being the measly three thousand naira she was promised.
“We were shocked when we saw people engaging in what I believe was an illegal registration exercise. There were machines all over the place, and Godswill Akpabio who had just returned from a trip outside the State was seen dishing out instructions. Some of us left the house shortly after we discovered they were asking us to register for the APC. We told them we already are card-carrying members of the PDP and that we couldn’t not sell our conscience. As that innocent lady made to leave, the gate at Senator Akpabio’s house slammed against her and her arm was cut off immediately. She started crying and writhing in pains, but to our shock, the security officers pushed her out of the house while blood was dripping all over her. I have never seen such inhumanity to a fellow person. Goodwill Akpabio was notified but he refused to come to the woman’s assistance. We had to pull our little resources to take the woman to the hospital. This is so sad. And it leaves me wondering: is this the kind of change Akpabio’s APC is bringing to Akwa Ibom: wickedness, horror and terror? May God not allow the counsel of the wicked to prevail. Akwa Ibom people must tell Godswill akpabio: no more blood-letting, enough!

Journalism graduate from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. Writing Tech News, General life stuffs and Fashion.

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List of towns and villages in Etinan



Just in case you’re looking for the list of villages in Etinan local government area of Akwa Ibom State, we took the liberty of listing them all out for you.

Etinan Urban District

  1. Afaha Akpan Ekpo
  2. Afaha Iman
  3. Edem Ekpat
  4. Ekpene Obom
  5. Ekpene Ukpa
  6. Etinan
  7. Ikot Abasi
  8. Ikot Akata
  9. Ikot Eba
  10. Ikot Ebiyak
  11. Ikot Ebo
  12. Ikot Ekang
  13. Ikot Ikpuho
  14. Ikot Inyang Osom
  15. Ikot Udo Abia
  16. Ikot Udo Oto
  17. Ishiet Erong
  18. Ndon Eyo I
  19. Ndon Eyo II
  20. Ndon Utim
  21. Oto Akpan


Northern Iman District

  1. Afaha Efiat
  2. Ekom
  3. Ikot Akpabio
  4. Ikot Akpanya
  5. Ikot Ananga
  6. Ikot Ekan
  7. Ikot Esua
  8. Ikot Isong
  9. Ikot Nkang
  10. Ikot Nseyen
  11. Ikot Obio Inyang
  12. Ikot Udo Adia
  13. Mbi0t0 1


Southern Iman District

  1. Afaha Urua Essien
  2. Akapasak Efa
  3. Anyam Efa
  4. Ata Efa
  5. Awa Ntong
  6. Mbioto 11
  7. Effiat Mbioto
  8. Eso-Efa
  9. Ikot Akpa Esa
  10. Ikot Akpan Ese
  11. Ikot Akpan Obio Eket
  12. Ikot Ekot
  13. Ikot Ese
  14. Ikot Esen Oku
  15. Ikot Etakpo
  16. Ikot Etor
  17. Ikot Ibok
  18. Ikot Inyang
  19. Ikot Itina
  20. Ikot Mfon
  21. Ikot Nsung
  22. Ikot Nte
  23. Ikot Obio Eka
  24. Ikot Obio Iko
  25. Ikot Obong Ikot Inyang
  26. Ikot Ukpong
  27. Ikot Umiang Ede
  28. Iwo Etor
  29. Nkana
  30. Oniong

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Oyo State House of Assembly Speaker, Michael Adeyemo Is Dead



Michael Adeyemo

Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Honourable Michael Adesina Adeyemo, 47, is dead.

According to PMNEWS the lawmaker died of heart attack in the early hours of today at Jericho Hospital Ibadan and his body has been deposited in the mortuary.

The Eruwa-born lawyer turned politician represented Ibarapa East Local Government in the Assembly and emerged Speaker of the Oyo State Assembly in 2015.

As at the time of filing this report, the state government is yet to issue a statement on the demise of the lawmaker.

Source: PMNEWS

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

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