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Raiding Syria revealed a brutal truth about Poland, Poland maybe defenseless



By Janos Vlak

If Poland were really attacked, after an hour there would be no trace of Patriot missiles, which the government bought for PLN 16 billion ($4.7billion). Their defense capabilities are really insignificant, and the Defense Ministry, although it wants to buy more rockets, cannot afford to.

On Monday, the ministry began negotiations on the purchase of additional missiles. However, it seems clear that to really improve their security Patriots are not enough, politicians must have the courage to release tens of billions.

It is necessary to build a complete system and foreign policy so that the alliances developed over the years do not collapse. It’s definitely harder than posing for photos with Patriots in the background.

Three places associated with the production and storage of chemical weapons in Syria were bombed on Saturday night . An attack that lasted about an hour was used by over 100 rockets. A research center near Damascus, magazines near Homs and a command center were bombed.

The attack was carried out by the combined forces of the United States, Great Britain and France. What would happen if their country was attacked in this way? Will the Patriots, which reach Poland by the end of 2022, reach pre-operational readiness at the turn of 2023-24, would they allow them to defend theirselves effectively?

The first doubt concerns the mere number of rockets. As part of the contract, they buy 208. As a rule, two are fired into one enemy. So after the attack, over 100 rockets they would have left with an empty magazine.

Poland are at the start, not at the finish line

– Separate statements from politicians, made practically in the pre-election period, from reality, and the truth is that the creation of an efficient multi-layered air defense system is a task for two decades.

Therefore, one should not rest on laurels. – Not only is it just the beginning of the Vistula, it is still building a multi-layer air defense system, it requires further purchases. First of all, short-range systems (Narew) and integration with IBCS of very short-range systems, which are already in the Polish army – adds Likowski.

These are the shoulder launchers Grom / Piorun, self-propelled varieties of Poprad, as well as artillery and artillery sets with cannon caliber 23-35 mm. The Soviet systems that we currently have, unfortunately, have very limited capabilities to intercept maneuvering missiles and there is simply nothing to count on.

It is worth knowing, however, that the work on creating the “Narew” system has been frozen to give priority to the Wisła program with the IBCS command system, which may also be used by Narew.

– The use of missiles, which we buy under the contract already signed, against maneuvering missiles would be a waste of money. PAC-3 MSE are dedicated primarily to combat much more expensive ballistic missiles, such as the Russian Iskanders – says Likowski.

Their value is also around a few million dollars. for art, which is much like PAC-3 MSE ($ 5-6 million). However, the cost of a maneuvering missile, as the expert emphasizes, oscillates around a million dollars.

For this type of threats, it is therefore expected to use lower-cost missiles with a lower or lower cost. – In Poland, this type of task would belong above all to the Narew program kits – adds the head of the specialized magazine “WTO Report”. It’s just that Narew has been frozen for now.

Why is it so dangerous? After all, one could conclude from the statements of politicians that we bought security for the purchase of patriots for thick billions. After all, on Monday, our Defense Ministry delegation will start the next negotiations of the second phase of the “Vistula” in the US. Therefore, up to two batteries from the first phase can be joined by six more and more modern ones.

100 rounds in an hour is nothing more

– It is not that when buying the most modern PAC-3 MSE rockets we showed potential enemies that we are untouchable. They are constantly analyzing our weak points. Therefore, they can first hit cheaper maneuvering missiles, let us shoot off our dear and very advanced, and then they can proceed to the proper attack – says Cielma.

The situation may change the delivery related to the second phase of the Wisła program. Then our army has to get missiles intercepting SkyCeptor. Shooting them is not so expensive anymore (about $ 1 million apiece) and there will be many more, maybe even more than 1,000.

Why, however, would not buy SkyCeptors to the Patriot system before the second phase. After all, the first negotiations took three years, and the analyzes took 10 years. In addition, sets from the first phase will start defending our heaven only in 2023. The appearance of those on the other, will share the next years of waiting.

– It is not possible to buy cheaper Skyceptors for the first phase of the “Vistula”. The contract is already signed and they can only appear in the second phase of the program. It is expected that they may be several times more than PAC-3 MSE missiles – explains Likowski.

So maybe then only then will we be able to talk about a safe heaven over Poland? Unfortunately, it is not so easy. As the supreme “Report” emphasizes, two rockets against one enemy are usually fired. However, much depends here, of course, on how many of these missiles there are.

The thing is, however, that the weekend attack on targets in Syria is not yet a presentation of the full possibilities of leading a modern war. Simply put, with the current level of technology and arsenals of the world’s best armies, rockets can literally fill the sky.

Masking and apparent aims

The attack in Syria was short but intense, because bullets usually shoot quickly, so that their amount in the air at one time was maximally high. This makes it difficult to defend and delays the opponent’s reaction.

– With such an attack it would be difficult to defend us with the sets of the first phase of the Wisła program. The more so because several air and sea platforms were used. However, it is easy to imagine an attack using several hundred land, sea and air platforms at one time, “says Michał Likowski.

Therefore, in his opinion, it is necessary to invest not only in the air defense systems of many layers, but also to maximize the ability to disperse own forces, mask and cheat the enemy with false targets. – Unfortunately, we also have a lot of deficiencies here. Especially when it comes to modern masking and creating apparent goals – convinces the expert.

The second of our interlocutors draws attention to something else. With the enormous military potential of our potential opponents, foreign policy and good relations with allies are extremely important. In fact, we do not have the budget to arm ourselves like world powers.

– You can not think or talk, although you often hear it, we can deal with defense alone. This is wishful thinking – says Mariusz Cielma.

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

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Woman’s arms cut off at Akpabio’s house during illegal registration… abandoned to her fate
She was one of the women called to Senator Godswill Akapbio’s house in Ukana for what many present called an illegal registration exercise. She was promised a little over three thousand and like others who may not have known what they were being invited to do, she went innocently, the attraction being the measly three thousand naira she was promised.
“We were shocked when we saw people engaging in what I believe was an illegal registration exercise. There were machines all over the place, and Godswill Akpabio who had just returned from a trip outside the State was seen dishing out instructions. Some of us left the house shortly after we discovered they were asking us to register for the APC. We told them we already are card-carrying members of the PDP and that we couldn’t not sell our conscience. As that innocent lady made to leave, the gate at Senator Akpabio’s house slammed against her and her arm was cut off immediately. She started crying and writhing in pains, but to our shock, the security officers pushed her out of the house while blood was dripping all over her. I have never seen such inhumanity to a fellow person. Goodwill Akpabio was notified but he refused to come to the woman’s assistance. We had to pull our little resources to take the woman to the hospital. This is so sad. And it leaves me wondering: is this the kind of change Akpabio’s APC is bringing to Akwa Ibom: wickedness, horror and terror? May God not allow the counsel of the wicked to prevail. Akwa Ibom people must tell Godswill akpabio: no more blood-letting, enough!

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Germany officially introduces the third sex.



In the German register of civil status records, an additional option will appear next to the male and female gender. You will be able to choose  “divers”, meaning “different” or “non-identical”.

The German government cabinet has proposed amendments to the law on the register of civil status records. Under it, intersexual people will be able to choose the third password in the “sex” section in the future. Until now, it was only possible to leave this column unfulfilled by employees of the civil registry office. According to the German Ministry of Interior, this option will still be retained.

German Cabinet approves third gender option

Judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal

The draft amendment to the act, which will have to be approved by the parliament, is based on the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court of 2017. It states that the existing provisions on marital status contain provisions allowing to recognize them as a violation of the fundamental right to protection and development of their own personality and violation of the prohibition of discrimination against someone on grounds of gender. The judges therefore asked for the possibility of introducing a “positive gender entry”.

The parliamentary secretary of state in the German Ministry of the Interior, Günter Krings ( CDU ), pointed out that the Federal Constitutional Court called on the legislator to meet the conditions enabling the implementation of the proposed changes by the end of this year. For this reason, it became necessary to introduce in the draft amendment to the aforementioned Act new provisions, but it does not need to be associated with the reform of the law regarding transgender people.

There will be a reform of the act

The Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Giffey ( SPD ) announced, however, that in the autumn the procedure for transsexuality should also begin. In her opinion, the regulations that have been binding until now “just do not match the spirit of our times”.

Justice Minister Katarina Barley (SPD) declared for her part that “nobody can be discriminated against in any way because of their gender identity”.

Journalism graduate from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. Writing Tech News, General life stuffs and Fashion.

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