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The new Kia Ceed 2018: The first contact with third generation Ceed



Kia Ceed 2018

Smoothed, building more trust, but also more casual – it can be said about the new name of the Kia compact, which has lost its dyslexic strings.

When the new Kia Ceed was shown for the first time almost a decade ago at the Frankfurt Fair , it caused quite a bit of consternation. Although he was quite ordinary in appearance and did not stand out in any way technically, he paid attention to his name. I remember the producer even sending a special press release instructing journalists so that the cee’d name would always be written with an apostrophe and a lowercase letter.

Soon, cee’d put in dismay also recognized European producers, cutting out of their cake every year an increasingly large piece in this profitable, but also extremely competitive segment of compact hatchback and wagon. Since December 2006, a total of nearly 1.3 million cee’d have left the gates of the factory in the Slovak city of Žilina, and Kia’s share in the European automotive market has doubled from 1.5 percent. up to 3 percent.

Kia Ceed 2018 Kia Ceed 2018

Brands from the Far East rarely achieve the success of these sizes on the ruling sentiments and stereotypes of the European market, but Kia succeeded thanks to the ability to adopt and adapt to the local rules. It would not be possible if cee’d was not a de facto European car: it is a model that was created only for our continent (it is not offered on any other), since the first generation it has been developed by Germans picked up from German working brands in the Kia branch in Frankfurt, its body is designed by a Frenchman and is produced in Slovakia. This philosophy has even been included in the name of this model, developed as a Community of Europe, with European Design (European Community, European Design).

It is not surprising then that the intention of the creators of the new Ceed is everything that Europeans like: a conservative look hides pleasant, trying to fall out the best in terms of quality and functionality interior and a mass of technology pushing the model forward in multimedia themes, driving autonomy, security and environmental friendliness.

Kia Ceed 2018

Obviously, Kia’s idea of ​​European preferences refers rather to German ordnung than to Italian style or French fantasy. Although the appearance of the new design manifests some elements of panache (making a qualitative impression of LED light ice-cube structure, interesting side line of crescent-shaped windows), it is given in such doses that it is easily absorbed and does not offend anyone. Similar to the recently presented and already well-received in Europe SUV Stonic, Ceed has evolved in the direction of new Ford and Volkswagen – like them, is to inspire more confidence with more massive proportions and a lot of horizontal lines, and more precise performance suggest expressive, exposed ribbing and fancy patterns of alloy wheels.

When choosing the latter, it will be a little crazy to choose from a range extending from steel rims with a diameter of fifteen inches to seventeen inch alloys finished in two colors. The range of varnishes will show up to eleven colors, some of which are quite bold – this is another proof that Ceed is more and more confident and is becoming more and more ambitiously positioned. This is a good starting point for a station wagon that will debut in public with the five-door hatchback in two weeks at the Geneva fair and sports shooting brake, which will fill the place after the three-door hatchback from the autumn debut at the Paris trade fair. Next year, the range will be complemented by a Ceed-based SUV with an unknown name.

These growing ambitions of creators are best seen in the interior, which is now making even more qualitative, even more focused European standards. It can not be said that it was a stepping advance – a little more details imitating aluminum and other expensive metals will not distract attention from large areas of ordinary plastic and simple textiles. However, all of this is given now in a fresher way, in line with current trends, in which you can recognize Kia’s identity at the same time. According to German philosophy, progress here is not a revolution, but a consistent evolution in detail.

Thus, the multimedia system has an interface already known from other Kia models, but now it is operated via a larger touch screen with a diagonal of seven or eight inches. The list of equipment includes, inter alia, the reputable JBL audio, keyless access and starting the car, wireless charging of smartphones, heated windshield and heated second-row seats.

Although Ceed was now built on a completely new K2 platform (quite new for Kii, because Hyundai already applies it to the current generation i30), dimensions have only changed in a minimal way: Ceed gained 20 mm by width (now measures 1.8 m) but it has become 23 mm lower (now measuring 1447 mm). The length has not changed: the wheelbase has remained the same as before, the front overhang has been shortened by 20 mm, but the rear axle has been lengthened. Thanks to such treatments, the inside space is actually noticeably more on the back, the length and width of the couch, and the boot has gained 15 liters to a satisfying, though further distant from class records, 395 liters. In this respect, Ceed is always closer to Astra or Focus than Octavia or Civic.

According to new standards

Kia Ceed 2018
The creators of the model swear that the same refinement of details also brought clear effects in terms of driving, where there are two driving modes (normal and sporty), suspension adapted to European preferences (high confidence and precision of driving, but also comfortable, silenced suppression of inequalities) and solutions that give Ceed the autonomy of running a second degree. This means that now it will be able to not only maintain the set speed, but also his lane and a safe distance from other road users. It will also be able to brake to avoid collisions, recognize signs, park and warn against the danger coming from the blind spots of the mirrors or out-of-the-way when you are going back.

It also meets emission standards, which has not always succeeded in the European leadership in recent years (if you know what I mean …). With the new generation of Ceed, the motor strategy is slightly changed. Following the current trends, a one-liter three-cylinder engine is promoted. Known already from other models of the Korean giant 1.0 T-GDi with a power of 120 hp with turbocharging and direct injection is a comfortably ticking engine, which, however, finds a surprisingly large amount of flexibility. The new 1.4 T-GDi engine with 140 hp, which replaces the weaker, naturally aspirated 1.6 GDI unit, is a complete novelty. Next to them will also be offered a well-known 1.4 unit with 100 HP with multi-point fuel injection.

Kia Ceed 2018

Kia does not lose its faith in diesel – together with Ceed, the high-pressure unit with the U3 symbol is also debut, designed for the future, the most stringent emission standards. The new 1.6 CRDi will have 115 or 136 hp and the same in both cases with a torque of 280 Nm. In addition to information on environmental friendliness, the results of fuel consumption are not yet known. We know that both Diesels and the 1.4-liter gasoline engine will be able to be combined with the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox already appearing in certain models.

We do not know the prices of the third generation of Ceed yet. The Polish are to appear in June, when the first models will begin to move to the salons. Next, they will be offered with a seven-year warranty (exchangeable at 150,000 km). With this last move, the previous generation of cee’da has already managed to win the trust of many European customers. Now, with the appearance and equipment that is even more suited to their tastes, it has the chance to consistently strengthen its market position. In German.

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

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Opel Grandland X: not surprising, but offering enough



Opel Grandland X

The Opel Grandland X is the second child of the PSA and Opel group, after the Crossland X coolly received by me. It is he who shows why it made sense to buy a German brand by the French. However, the question remains – has Opel simply become a Peugeot with a changed stamp, or does he have a pinch of individualism?

Opel Grandland X 1.6 CDTi – test, opinion

The French PSA Group has doubled up to reach the top and win the title of the largest car maker in the world. To do this, you must be present in all possible markets. Hence the decision to buy Opel . He is better at “sticking” to the north and east of Europe , where French cars are in a worse position. Oh, let’s take a look at Polish sales among individual clients at the beginning of 2018. The third place is occupied by Astra, the seventh in its turn the ancient Corsa. In the top fifteen French cars are missing.

German from outside

Opel opted for the static appearance of the Grandland X, which appears in the compact SUV segment only 10 years after its launch by the oddly named Nissan . Using the lightweight chassis of the Peugeot 3008 , Opel takes its length and wheelbase, but approaches the style in a pragmatic way. The characteristic front lamps, the grill, even the sideline with the cut C-pillar refer to the smaller and popular Astra.

Grandland X, however, has the last hit of the season, i.e. the color-cut roof. An exaggeration, however, is the plastic bumper at the back, which is still emphasized by the imitation of the exhaust tips. Well. Opel is going to hit stable customers who are not convinced by the fanciful expression of French stylists working on 3008. The final effect is not thrilling, but as sales results show, the distinctive design is not always a hit.

Part and inside too

Especially if we’re talking about a cabin. The German equivalent of 3008 has an exceptionally calm and traditional interior line. The broad possibilities of adjusting the seat and the steering wheel deserve praise. As usual in the case of Opel, it is worth paying extra for AGR armchairs , which are extremely comfortable during long journeys. Although lines, components (eg steering wheel) and safety systems (OnStar connectivity) were taken from other Rüsselsheim am Main models, the multimedia system (and the engine start button or the shape of the gear stick) was moved from French cars.

In this case, the saving of air conditioning and its traditional buttons remains a plus. Multimedia also remains – in PSA I am perfectly aware that developing two systems is unprofitable and meaningless, but the solution from Insignia or Astra was much more logically planned and easier to use. Here we have a better and better system, which requires a moment of getting used to it (and a strong one that gives rise to the feeling of irritation, tapping the screen). At least it’s nice.

Opel definitely deserves a high rating on the driver’s comfort, but the back of the width is less. The highly glazed and limiting view of the rear window is also controversial. The car will work well as a transport for the 2 + 2 family. An interesting fact is the fixing of isofix in the front passenger seat. A two-tier luggage rack with 514 l , a flat floor and a definitely (high) loading threshold, which requires you to wrestle with shopping, also looks good.

The Grandland X is based on a Peugeot chassis, which means there is no four-wheel drive – even the one that is attached. It scores a low weight, even lower than in the case of the smaller Mokka, so the 120 HP diesel engine can be considered as sufficient. Do not be fooled by the CDTI sign, it is a unit from the French BlueHDi family, originating even from Peugeot 308 . Recently there was a 177-horse version in the range, but it’s hard to imagine when I really would need so much power in Grandland X.

More power … but why?

Of course, a sprint to the hundreds takes over 11 seconds, but it is enough for everyday driving. The more that the engine offers up to 300 Nm from 1750 rpm. In the case of a manual gearbox you have to get used to the characteristic work of the drive system. Below 1750 revolutions per minute, you can feel power gaps, which in combination with the long clutch stroke (the gear stick will be skipped), moving off requires some practice . Grandland X is rewarded for this with low fuel consumption – it will consume about 6 liters of diesel per 100 km on the national road.

Although the floor plate is taken over from Peugeot, the Opel Grandland X is definitely more confident than its French brother. You can notice a much greater stability of the car when driving on the road (after all, it will come to the German autobahn), when cornering, you can also feel the compactness of the structure. On the one hand, the resignation from the adaptive suspension (FlexRide is a German idea) does not look great against the competition, on the other hand the preparation of one, well-tried setting came out for Grandland X for good. The 4 × 4 drive shortage is to reduce the optional Intelligrip system, which adapts the electronics settings to the ground. Perhaps it will be useful in the winter in getting to the plot, but there is nothing to expect in this matter of miracles worth even the cheapest, 4×4 included .

If you do not want Peugeot

So we have before us a French prescription and technology adapted to markets, where Opel is still strong not only on the roads, but also in the minds of customers. For sure, extra points are gained thanks to the price – a high-pressure variety costs a minimum of PLN 105,900 (and we still receive a discount of PLN 3 thousand straight away). Peugeot 3008 with a 1.5 130 hp engine (which will also be available in Opel soon) will cost PLN 114 400. In no case is Grandland X revolutionary, but as history shows, customers do not always expect rapid changes. The largest car from the X family was long awaited by Opel and may save him the skin in the near future.

Engine and drive:
System and top-up: R4, turbo
Fuel Type: diesel
setting: transverse
Incremental volume: 1560 cm³
Maximum power: 120 hp at 3500 rpm
Maximum moment: 300 Nm at 1750 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed, manual
Drive type: front
Front brakes: disc
Rear brakes: disk, ventilated
Front suspension: MacPherson column
Rear suspension: multilink
Wheels, front tires: 225/55 R18
Wheels, rear tires: 225/55 R18
Masses and dimensions:
Body type: SUV
Number of doors: 5
Own weight: 1373 kg
Capacity: 627 kg
Length: 4477 mm
Width: 1856 mm
Height: 1609 mm
Wheelbase: 2675 mm
Fuel tank capacity: 53 kg
Luggage capacity: 514/1652 l
in catalog: Own measurement:
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 11.8 seconds
Maximum speed: 189 km / h
Fuel consumption (city): 4.7 l / 100 km 6.8 l / 100 km
Fuel consumption (route): 3.9 l / 00 km 5.9 l / 100 km
Fuel consumption (mixed): 4.3 l / 100 km 5.4 l / 100 km
Fuel consumption (motorway): bd 7.2 l / 100 km
Co2 emissions: 111 g / km
Euro NCAP crash test: 5 stars

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BMW announces an electric SUV.



It is hard to believe, but 5 years will soon pass from the start of the i3 hatchback production. BMW is not idle and are constantly developing their solutions for electric cars. The first new model that will benefit from them will be SUV iX3.

There is still some time left to the premiere of the car – it is supposed to go to the roads in 2020 – but BMW is already showing what we can expect. The Concept iX3 presented during the Beijing Fair is the official announcement of the car, which will compete with Jaguar I-Pac , Tesla Model X, as well as the upcoming Audi e-Tron and the prophecy of an electric Mercedes SUV.

In contrast to the i3 or i8 models , which from the beginning were designed as electric cars, iX3 is based on the currently sold generation X3. This is not a sign of laziness – BMW wants each of their cars to be available in the electrical version in the future . From the outside it does not reveal that the car is not fueled with gasoline or diesel. A trained eye will see a slightly modified, connected “kidneys”, charging port in front of the driver’s door and a modified rear bumper with blue accents.

The concept is powered by the latest electric BMW engine with over 270 hp. The manufacturer does not give the exact battery capacity, but the cell, developed in cooperation with Samsung, is to offer over 70 kWh. This translates into quite a large range. Examining the car in accordance with the WLTP procedure managed to achieve a result exceeding 400 km . It’s more than twice as many as the latest i3s offers. What’s more, the battery can be recharged up to 80 percent. in about 30 min.

According to the latest BMW premieres, the production version of the iX3 should not differ significantly from the car shown in Beijing. The car will be leaving the Chinese factory in Shenyang.


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BMW reveals the technical specifications of the new 8 series. The top version with the 537-horsepower V8



BMW 8 Series

By Nicole Hen

BMW, which still behaves as if we did not know the look of the 8 series , shared another handful of information about the upcoming model. In addition to the new sets of pictures, they revealed the specification of the top M850i ​​xDrive.

We have got used to the fact that pre-production tests of sports cars are held on racetracks. Meanwhile, one of the last stages of trying a new coupé from Bavaria took place on the winding roads of Wales. Nothing unusual. The car will compete with GT cars, so beyond performance will have to provide unprecedented comfort.

Everything indicates that customers will not be disappointed. BMW decided to adapt the suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers and the Integral Active Steering system. The 4.4-liter V8 variant prepared for this model will also provide a pleasant ride. According to the manufacturer, working in conjunction with the new, 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, it will work to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, without giving up the pleasant turbidity of the engine.

BMW 8 series

However, it is enough to press the button to let the car switch to Sport or Sport Plus mode. It will take on a more racing character. Comfortable suspension will harden and the engine will show what it can do. And he can do a lot, because in this model he offers 537 hp and 750 Nm drivers. As the name suggests, the top version of the 8 series will have four-wheel drive , but the power will be transmitted mainly to the rear wheels. In sport mode, the stabilization system will intervene much later.

Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

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