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: The slogan “Poland for Poles” does not bother me, because I am Polish



Izu Ugonoh
The black boxer Izu Ugonoh confessed that he had learned not to bother with xenophobic slogans. – The slogan “Poland for Poles” is not addressed to me, because I am Polish – said a Szczecin boxer of Nigerian descent on TVN24.

The widely commented event of last weekend in Poland was the March of the National Radical Camp, which on Saturday passed through Gdańska. Everything as part of the celebration of the 84th anniversary of the ONR.

The march took rounds in the media and was commented on by politicians. The radical slogans proclaimed by the ONR, calling for ethnic unity and nationalism, did not please to the mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, who announced that he would apply for the ONR delegation. On Monday, the Saturday event was the main subject of the Facts after Facts program in TVN24, and the guest was Izu Ugonoh . Born in Szczecin, a black boxer brought up in Gdansk was questioned by Anita Werner about whether he feels racist in Poland.

– I live peacefully and I’m happy with my life, but it was not always like that. It happened differently, I am 31 years old now, in that period a lot can happen. Poland has undergone a huge transformation in terms of tolerance. It is a country where mainly white people live and each variety can be a pretext for reluctance – he assessed.

– I no longer face dislike of my skin color. I have many friends, my popularity grows thanks to my sport, so I’m welcome where I appear. However, I am careful to say that I would feel safe everywhere absolutely – added a nigerian root.

Ugonoh referred to the interview, which he gave to the editor-in-chief of WP SportoweFakty Michał Kołodziejczyk . In it he confessed that as a child he walked the streets with clenched fists, because he was afraid of confronting his hostile peers.

– I have often fought in my childhood. I was just different, everywhere I felt different from the rest. When I went outside, there was always a threat, because not everyone knew that I was born in Poland, not in Africa. As a child, I could not understand human dislike of my person, he said.

The journalist also asked the Pole about the annual independence marches, during which there are many controversial slogans calling for ethnic unity in our country.

– I do not know how to approach this, because many of my colleagues whom I like and who I know have normal views go to the independence marches. I would not want to put all participants in one bag – he confessed. He also spoke about the slogans announced on the last Saturday by the ONR.

– The slogan “Poland for Poles” is not addressed to me, because I am Polish. I know that some people will always be against “otherness”, but I have no influence on it. I learned not to worry about it – Ugonoh summarized.

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Your website that provides a news with difference, ranging from Sports news, entertainment news, tech news, local and world news. Send us an email

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“Only Bayern can beat Real.”-Karl-Heinz Rummenigge



Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is an optimist when it comes to rivaling Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final. – This is our next goal – says the former representative of Germany.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge set another task for Bayern Munich players . After securing the Bundesliga championship, as well as promotion to the German Cup final, the Bavarian president expects the Jupp Heynckes team to win the battle against Real Madrid and advance to the final of this year’s Champions League.

– We have to be focused all the time until Wednesday (April 25) in the Champions League battle (the first match against the Royal Bayern will play at Allianz Arena, the rematch in Madrid will take place on May 1 – editorial note). Only Bayern can beat Real. The performance in the LM finals is our next goal – said Rummenigge in a conversation with the daily “Bild”.95-fold German representative stressed that the team from Bavaria will do everything to get for the second time in the history of the club (the first time in 2013) to get a triple crown: the national championship, the cup and the Champions League.

In the current league season Robert Lewandowski and the company did not give any chance of competition. Bayern already in the 29th Bundesliga round, winning away with Augsburg 4: 1, secured a championship title. Now, for four series of meetings before the end of the games, the Bavarians have 20 points.

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Bundesliga: Angered Bayern won. Robert Lewandowski finished Borussia



Robert Lewandowski
Bayern Munich won 5: 1 with Borussia M’gladbach on the 30th Bundesliga round. Robert Lewandowski was Sandro Wagner substitute in the 70th minute and Polak scored the last goal.

The Bavarians did not have much time to celebrate the German championships that they guaranteed a week ago, beating FC Augsburg . In the middle of the week Bayern Munich  sealed the promotion to the semi-final of the Champions League , and the next opponent Borussia M’gladbach  was waiting for them on Saturday.

The team from Munich looked like a full-blown schedule for the distracted, and Borussia M’gladbach could punish it. In the 9th minute, Josip Drmić  scored the goal 1: 0. In the penalty area, he had plenty of time to control the ball after passing the second line, then to maneuver Niklas Suele , and finally to hit the target with a dozen or so meters.

Borussia was playing fairly wisely after taking the lead and rarely allowed the favorite to take a shot from within the penalty area. The guests’ defense was broken in the 37th minute, in which Sandro Wagner  used the pass of Thomas Mueller  and put the ball into the net close up. Bayern fell a stone from the heart, he began to play more freely and in the 41st minute he went on the lead 2: 1. Again, Wagner used the application of Mueller from the right wing, jumped passive stopwatches, and ran his hands over Yann Sommer’s  net.

Once the speeding machine from Munich could not be stopped anymore. After the break her lead was increased by Thiago Alcantara  and David Alaba . Particularly powerful Austrian shot from behind the penalty area to the audience had to appeal to the public. It was the 70th minute and the score 4: 1, when Robert Lewandowski came out of the substation on the pitch . The Pole added a 5: 1 goal in the 82nd minute. Lewandowski calmly controlled the ball after Joshua Kimmich’s cross  and tried on the net. The leader of Bundesliga scorer scoring has 27 goals.

Borussia did not remind her of anything at the beginning of the meeting and in the end the rivals only bullied her. There was more drama in this duel, but when Bayern changed from distracted to annoyed, there was nothing to gather from the guests.

Bayern Munich  – Borussia M’gladbach  5: 1 (2: 1)
0: 1 – Josip Drmić 9 ‘
1: 1 – Sandro Wagner 37’
2: 1 – Sandro Wagner 41 ‘
3: 1 – Thiago Alcantara 51’
4: 1 – David Alaba 67 ‘
5: 1 – Robert Lewandowski 82’


Bayern:  Sven Ulreich – Joshua Kimmich, Niklas Suele, Mats Hummels, David Alaba (73 ‘David Alaba) – Corentin Tolisso, Sebastian Rudy, Thiago Alcantara – Thomas Mueller (46’ James Rodriguez), Sandro Wagner (70 ‘Robert Lewandowski), Juan Bernat

Borussia:  Yann Sommer – Nico Elvedi, Matthias Ginter, Jannik Vestergaard, Oscar Wendt – Jonas Hofmann (65 ‘Vincenzo Grifo), Christoph Kramer, Denis Zakaria, Thorgan Hazard – Josip Drmić (65’ Michael Cuisance), Raffael

Yellow cards: Hummels, Bernat (Bayern) and Kramer (Borussia)

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Kittel is enthusiastic in Germany and wants to play for Poland at the World Cup.



sonny kittel

By Enya Rubeo

Would Sonny Kittel be useful to the Polish team? Absolutely, of course, keeping all proportions in mind – he is a footballer who is a substitute for Marco Reus.” He is fast and excellently technically trained, “writes Tomasz Urban.

Poland is not standing with wingers, but it lies. Kuba Błaszczykowski has been treating his back practically for six months, Kamil Grosicki has problems with regular game in weakness Championship, Maciej Makuszewski is just coming back to classes after knee injury, and Przemysław Frankowski from Jagiellonia, glorified everywhere in weak Polish league, collected eight points for 28 queues Canadian classification. There is nothing to mention about Sławomir Peszka’s form.

And the Russian World Cup is ahead of us. And what about those wingers? Move the Piszczka forward? Change the setting and go to the game with pendulums on the sides? Play three assailants and set closer to the running lines and supporters in the defensive Milik and Kownacki game? Or maybe just open a bit wider to non-obvious candidates at a glance?

A brutal eye, a brutal foot

This is not easy. The concept of “dyed foxes” still lives in the memory of many fans. It touches not only those whose relations with Poland are practically none, but also those who were born in our country and left it in early childhood, or their parents are Poles. Meanwhile, everyone is thrown into one sack, often to the detriment of our ball. And yet the matter of nationality is not a matter of black and white these days. In many cases shades of gray dominate. Just like in the case of Sonny Kittel .

He was born in Germany, he grew up there too, but his parents and grandparents are Poles of flesh and blood. They come from Silesia, from where in the late 1980s they left for the West in search of a decent life. However, they have not forgotten about the roots. At home, they speak Polish, thanks to which both Sonny and his brother Sammy can also speak our language. Last year, both submitted applications to grant them Polish passports. And they are waiting. Sonny still with the slightest hope that the projection on the tape will still get to the team of Nawałka on the Russian world championships.

Let’s put aside any moral doubt for a moment and focus only on football matters. Would Sonny Kittel be useful for our team? Definitely yes. Obviously keeping all proportions – he is a footballer who is a substitute for Marco Reus. He is fast and excellently technically trained. He is most likely playing as a left wing, but recently he is making a sensation at position number 10. He can hit both right and left leg. “He has a brutal eye, a brutal foot and a brutal finish,” he summed up after a recent match against Dynamo Dresden, in which Sonny assisted three times and scored a goal, captain of the team Marvin Matip.

Kittel became a life insurance policy for FC Ingolstadt 04 this season. He is the key and the best player of the team. It is on him that the entire offensive is based. In 26 matches, he had a total of 20 goals (9 goals and 11 assists), which means that as many as 53 percent of the goals scored this season by the team from the city of Audi fell with his direct participation. It is not that it happened suddenly or accidentally. Kittel has long been known in Germany for the talent of the purest water. He was given a great career. In 2010 he became the German champion in the juniors’ junior category and made his debut in the 1st Bundesliga with Michael Skibbe. Two years later he was awarded the silver medal of the name of Fritz Walter in the U-18 category, losing only to Julian Draxler. It seemed that the world of the great ball was open to him.

Unfortunately, Kittel and Reus combine not only great talent and position on the pitch. They are just as susceptible to injuries. It is through injuries that Kittel is today in the place where he is. This is why he is fighting for promotion to the 1st Bundesliga, and does not raise the pitches of the Champions League or even the Europa League. Twice the broken ligaments in the knee and two severe patella lesions significantly inhibited its development. One of the sides of the Eintracht Frankfurt has recently calculated that by injuries Kittel lost as many as 161 matches, in other words – almost five full league seasons! And he is only 25 years old.

Despite this black series, he managed to play 52 matches at the level of the 1st Bundesliga in the Eintracht colors. It was only in Ingolstadt that he caught stabilization. He says that he is cooperating with club physiotherapists who deal with his knee very minutely. And it brings excellent results, because in the current competition Kittel did not have the tiniest health problems. The game is almost from top to top and it does it great.

According to the InStat index, Kittel is the best left wing in the league and the fourth best player in the entire Bundesliga. Its good form also shows advanced statistics. No other left-wing player attempts so many key passes in the match (average 3.3, of which up to 2.0 successes) and none play so many balls in the penalty area (on average, 11 in the match, of which six are customs ). Kittel does well (73 percent of effectiveness), and his activity and mobility makes him one of the most-favored wingers in the league. He also gives a lot of shots on goal (already 64 this season). Only Moritz Stoppelkamp from MSV Duisburg (82) is better in this respect from the players playing in his position. Kittel’s weaknesses are visible in the defensive game.

You have to say openly that Kittel’s chances for a trip to Russia with the Polish national team are close to zero, regardless of the excellent statistics he will have until the end of this season. In addition, the 2nd Bundesliga is not very popular in Poland, and coach Nawałka quite conservatively approaches the issue of vocations and it is hard to imagine that he would take a football player from such an important event out of nowhere that he did not have the opportunity to meet at several camps. But you must not lose sight of him. After the championships the time of settling and reconstruction of the team will come. Why should not 25-year-old Kittel become one of the new team’s locomotives? He has all the data for it. Because since a chance was given to Taras Romanczuk or Thiago Cionek, Sonny Kittel deserves it all the more.

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