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13 Safety Tips that will help you in a case of Robbery



The following tips are useful in the event robbers manage to enter your premises or inside your houses. I hope they’re useful to you and can help save a life.

1. Robbers typically launch their attacks from the backdoor (normally kitchen doors) because they are usually not fortified. Get good doors for your kitchen. Use crossbars at the back or “burglarproof” behind the doors inside the house. If you have keys to the burglarproof, never leave them inside the lock. Where possible, use a padlock in addition to the keys. The purpose is to make it as difficult as possible for the robbers to enter into the house and to buy you time to call somebody for help.

2. When you hear someone breaking your doors, unless you are absolutely sure your actions will prevent entry into the house, don’t try to be a hero by pushing back behind the doors (they may shoot at you through the doors), or putting heavy items like freezers or furniture behind it (they get more angry and when they are able to finally enter they are more likely to be violent).

3. If you sleep without clothes or with minimal clothing, dress up as soon as you hear them. For the women especially, don’t stay in your nighties or wrappers, wear trousers and an ugly top.

4. If you call someone on the phone for help, keep the phone far from you as you don’t want it to be known that you’ve done so.

5. Look for your main power switch and plunge the building into darkness (it disorients them and may cause them to run away).

6. If you have a gun, registered or not, use it but only if you’re sure you will do damage. This isn’t the time for warning shots! Killing an intruder on your premises in defence of yourself and property is a legitimate legal defence. Same goes for the use of any other weapon e.g. knives.

7. When the robbers manage to enter give them whatever they want. Don’t hide anything. Don’t try to be a hero or to negotiate with them.

8. Don’t look at them directly (or don’t let them see you doing so). If you know any of them don’t show any signs of recognition and don’t mention the person’s name. However memorise whatever features you can to help with identification and investigation.

9. When they finally leave your house do not chase after them..

10. Be your neighbour’s keeper and if you hear any breaks in at their house, call the police for assistance.

11. *When robbers enter your compound, do not put on any light in your room. Put on the outside lights but keep the inside lights totally off so that the robbers do not see you*.

12. Robbers can also use your tap, pumping machines or generating sets outside to attract you by either putting it on or off as the case may be so that whenever you come to check, they will arrest you and use you to enter the house. So don’t always be quick to come out when such appliances go on or off.

13. Another new method is for them to be quarrelling and arguing among themselves and you may think it is from your neighbour and you come out to check, it can be used to gain assess to the house.

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Fear of orgasm is sometimes a problem of couples. Here’s how to avoid it



We must finally master this truth: any sex that all parties want can be a source of satisfaction. It does not have to be loud or outrageous. Here are some ways to get rid of the fear of orgasm.

Fear of an orgasm, which should not be confused with depression after intercourse, is a condition that often prevents us from achieving full sexual satisfaction. Yes, it happens more often than we think and that is why more and more often sexologists and psychologists talk about the orgasm of anxiety – fear of climaxing.

Rarely, although it happens, we are afraid of achieving orgasm (this probably happens more often to men) than its failure to achieve (more often women), but in fact all variants are possible.

You do not have to have an orgasm. Seriously

We are boring this difficult topic with boredom: our expectations and ideas about sex are shaped more and more by pornography. This can no longer be more available – if forty-year-olds remember the excitement of watching the crickets through the glass of the kiosk from the school days, today’s youth (and adults) have at their fingertips a free and anonymous video source with sound and high resolution.

And that sex is everyday taboo – we learn from them. Therefore, we think it’s normal that every sex ends with an intense, strong, loud and expressive orgasm, preferably both sides at the same time. Meanwhile, orgasm is not a mandatory position and is not a prerequisite for successful going to bed. The first step is to learn to think about it this way.

Talk to your partner

Regardless of whether our sexual fantasies are shaped by porn, models taken from the home or the art of Dutch painters of the 17th century, our partner will not know about them until we tell him or her.

While many lovers can successfully guess or learn what turns us on, which excites us, it is worth remembering that happiness can be helped in the simplest (well, not always …) of possible ways: conversation. Such exchange of opinions and information about dreams can be not only a good basis for successful sex, but also a kind of sexual act in itself. Especially that you can try it for example in the car while traveling on vacation (if only children in the back seat sleep).

Do not try to meet expectations

In bed everyone is a bit selfish and that’s how it should be. Of course, something – knight’s code for men, instinct for babysitting women – makes us focus on satisfying the needs of the other side, and in the case of sex, this is not only an element of honor, but also ambition. However, one must remember that a good lover, giving a satisfying experience, is also one who can take care of himself. Especially that such independence may be an additional stimulus stimulating the experience of a partner or partner.

Sharp words are not always the best

People who are concerned about the quality of their sensations usually suffer from stress (and acceptance) in giving (and receiving) satisfaction. This one results from the fear that we do not give ourselves enough. If in this situation, we also hear “please, go deeper!” or similar incentives to intensify the effort, they may act on us as a cloth for a bull. So, in this case, stressful.

So it is better sometimes – depending on the feeling – not to admonish a partner to give even more. A pretty good version of dirty talk may be “do whatever you like” or even “we can finish it if you feel like it”.

Focus on your body

Stress blocking the possibility of sexual satisfaction results from excessive contemplation about external circumstances – not only, but often, sexual experiences of the partner, but also other events in life, as well as frequent feelings of eg ridiculousness (thinking about what faces we make, when we feel intense pleasure).

In this situation caresses can be a kind of … meditation, understood in such a way that we focus on our body and the sensations that it sends. Not only can we easily see that we are better than we thought, but also who knows, maybe we will discover some previously unknown source of pleasure?

Hug. This is not an Olympics

We often think that to at least maintain the level of sex satisfaction, we need to increase the intensity of stimuli, and this in turn we associate with more and more promiscuous or even violent behaviors. But the sex of two loving people is to “practice” the closeness of two people.

It is good sometimes to simply incorporate this closeness into life simply by hugging and kissing, without ambiguous, bent, unbridled undertones.

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Professions that will help you find love on a dating site.



An aesthetic photo is not enough to get to know an interesting person through a dating site. Users also pay attention to the content you place there – but it’s not your love for the dogs that matters the most. Most people look at your profession.

It is obvious that love should not look at the profession. You do not love the other person for making a beautiful manicure or for managing hundreds of subordinates at work. What works in real life, however, does not necessarily work on dating sites. These are because they offer us a lot of information about the person we are potentially interested in. And we will write to it, or – as in Tinder – “we will move it to the right”.

Then, of course, we choose those people whose professional profile or interests most suit us (theoretically). Those with whom the conversation can draw us. And those whose lifestyle is closest to ours – or the most interested in us.

According to Badoo, a dating application that can boast over 380 million users around the world, the most attractive work for men and women is the cook and the hairdresser respectively. The survey was conducted collecting data from 5,000 British Badoo users aged 18 to 30.

Which woman underestimates a well-cooked guy? Let’s agree, we appreciate even those who have not acquired cooking skills in the course of their lives, but at least they try. A man who not only knows but also likes to cook is a gem for which even non-believer women thank God.

The situation is different with the hairdresser, here the matter is less obvious. However, one can imagine that a (good) hairdresser earns a lot and will never be in a situation where there would be no work for her on the market. In addition, it is generally a patient, who likes and listens to other people. He can also be proud of his manual skills.

It turns out that in the following places the list of popular male professions among Badoo users is an engineer, entrepreneur, marketer and … artist. In the second place among the women chosen by men were nurses. And then, in turn: lawyers, entrepreneurs and teachers.

Obviously, the results of the study should be treated with a grain of salt, because similar surveys carried out by other dating services indicate other professions as the most attractive for users.

Among the most often “sliding to the right” women on the Tinder were physiotherapists, interior designers and entrepreneurs. In turn, the female sex was most interested in pilots and bosses. In the end, who would not like to say the famous words once: “my husband is a director by profession”?

I write about almost everything as long as it’s newspaper worthy. Graduate of Journalism from University of Lagos, Nigeria. Newest team member of


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Do these things everyday and you will have a happy relationship



In the world in which we live, it is easy to let basic principles of good relationships and partnerships be lost. But do not let it be your relationship! Be aware of your partner every day. These 5 things you do everyday will make you really happy.


The best thing you can offer your lover is forgiveness. Forgive errors. Unless these errors are obviously a violation of trust and respect. Your partner will never be perfect. It will always annoy you. Forgive each other and you will succeed.


It does not have to be a hot night. Just remember to simply touch your partner. Every day. Hug. Kiss. Hold hands. The touch is so important because it reminds us that we are for each other, literally.


This is the most difficult of all these things. Listen to your partner. Really listen. Ask questions and listen. Every day. Give it a feeling that it’s important to you and that you’re interested in how it’s been past its afternoon, what it would like to do at the weekend, or what the holiday idea is. Show him that what he says is not indifferent to you.

Small gestures

Making polite gestures with a partner, regardless of whether he’s making coffee, making a bed, or telling you that you look nice, is a way to keep your feelings at an appropriate level. Small gestures are important.


A hot, passionate kiss should be a standard every day. It makes us happier, because when kissing, our brain secretes endorphins. Recall the feeling that accompanied you when you kissed for the first time.

Journalism graduate from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. Writing Tech News, General life stuffs and Fashion.

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